Based in Osaka, Tokyo, Hiroshima and Matsuyama, we are engaged in design activities all over the country. We value close dialogue with our clients, are easy to use, and look ahead to life 30 years from now. I try to make a beautiful and simple design.

We specialize in creating spaces that enhance the beauty of materials such as wood, tile, and concrete.

Our design policy is “architecture that faces the environment.”





We will create a new architecture while sharing the ideal lifestyle and values by making the best use of the characteristics of the site and the surrounding environment.


Please feel free to contact us for consultation on architectural plans (residential / non-residential) and second opinion of the current plan.


Through experience in planning various facilities such as houses, stores, and public buildings, we will create a space full of “!” With excellent cost balance.


We will report on meetings, site progress, ideas for construction, etc.